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Book Now and get upto 35% discount for every move inside Luton. Give us a call 07514 620484

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Ways To Avoid Extra Expenses When Moving https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2020/03/25/ways-to-avoid-extra-expenses-when-moving/ https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2020/03/25/ways-to-avoid-extra-expenses-when-moving/#respond Wed, 25 Mar 2020 09:32:02 +0000 https://atlasremoval.co.uk/?p=1072 Moving day can be expensive, and stressful, so when that day comes around, we have some top tips to help save time and money and ensure a smooth move.

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For property owners, moving day is an important one, and making sure everything goes smoothly is the top priority. It can end up being so very expensive, and stressful, so when that day comes around, we have some top tips to help save time and money and ensure a smooth move.


  1. Get Professional Help

While it can require a chunk of your budget, choosing a qualified, experienced and reputable removals company is the best way to remove the stress of the big move, and most will even assist in packing and dismantling furniture and fittings, as well as unpacking them all at the other end.

Hiring a professional also saves a load of time compared to tackling the mammoth task yourself, and will significantly reduce moving day stress.


  1. Use A Tape Measure

A common issue found when moving house is that items don’t fit when the new owners arrive at their property. There’s nothing more of a nightmare situation than the sofa not fitting through the front door, and it is left out in the garden.

The best tip is always to measure up all the new doors and the size of the items to be moved too. To save time, dismantle as much as you can before moving, to reduce costs, and save time on the day.



  1. Be Wary Asking Friends For Help

A common mistake when sidestepping the cost of a removal company is to ask friends and family to help. If you have children of a suitable age, then some forced labour might work out but bear in mind that other friends and even family members may well back out at the last minute leaving property owners high and dry on the day and paying a premium rate for emergency help from a professional.

Taking the amateur route could also lead to inexperienced people causing breakages, or getting injured while incorrectly lifting heavy objects.


  1. Change All The Locks

Do you know how many people have lived in the property before, or how many of the previous homeowner’s friends or family had copies of the keys for emergencies? For complete peace of mind and in the worst cases, to avoid being burgled, call in a locksmith to change your locks on moving day and you won’t have to worry.

It’s far cheaper than coming home to an empty house and having to replace all of the stuff.


  1. Double Check The Utilities

Imagine moving in, working all day to discover that the hot water isn’t working for a shower, or the electric is out and you can’t even brew up. Don’t make the first night in your new home one to forget, check the gas, electricity and water systems as soon as you arrive.

You may have done this during the viewings process but you don’t know what might have happened since and getting it sorted sooner rather than later will save you time, money and stress.


  1. Explore The Crawl Spaces

While checking the utilities and making a note of meter readings, be sure to check any crawl spaces in the house. Preferably, you’ll have done this prior to buying, but just for peace of mind, it’s very much worth checking again, as you do not know what might have happened since you last checked.



  1. Find The Stopcock

The problem with emergencies is that you never know when they’re going to happen, and it is always a good idea to have some level of preparation in case the worst does happen.

If you’re moving into a house that hasn’t been lived in for a while pipes could be susceptible to bursting and so before you do anything, locate the main water stop valve so you can act fast should the worst happen.


  1. Check The Fusebox

The same goes for the main electrical circuit board. Although it might not be as immediate, any DIY work that follows your move-in day might require you to shut off power for safety reasons. Don’t wait until then though, make sure you know where it is right from the off.


  1. Meet the neighbours

Once everything is in, and you’re refreshed and rested, go and meet your neighbours. They can fill you in about the neighbourhood and surrounding area even save you stressing about where to find some milk at 10 pm a night for a cup of tea by lending you some basic goods.

If you need removal companies in Luton, then get in touch today!

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Make A Packing Plan When Moving Home https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2020/02/17/make-a-packing-plan-when-moving-home/ https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2020/02/17/make-a-packing-plan-when-moving-home/#respond Mon, 17 Feb 2020 17:29:56 +0000 https://atlasremoval.co.uk/?p=1017 Here are our tips on how to make a packing plan to make your house move as easy as possible.

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Buying a new home can be a complicated and stressful process, from finding the perfect property to getting finances in order and liaising with solicitors, banks and estate agents. Another thing that home-movers also find incredibly challenging is packing up all their belongings so they can be unwrapped in your new house or flat in no time.

Here are our tips on how to make a packing plan to make the move as easy as possible.


  • Choose a packing service

If you live in a large house, have a lot of belongings, or simply do not have the time to pack everything up, don’t worry. When choosing your removal service in Lancashire, look for one that also offers packing.

Professionally trained staff will be able to pack up your possessions carefully and quickly, so you can be confident nothing will break or become damaged on the journey.

They will be able to get everything in boxes in a fraction of the time it would take you, as they do not hold any nostalgic or sentimental value to the items they pack, which is often why it can take home-movers such a long time.

Alternatively, if you want to use this as an opportunity to look through your belongings and get rid of anything you do not need, you can simply opt for a breakables-only pack. This means all your fragile items, such as ornaments, picture frames, glassware and so on, can be carefully packed by experts to reduce the chance of them breaking on the move.


  • Keep essentials out

While you might be tempted to start putting everything in boxes, it is important to make a list of things you will need on your first night in your new home as well as the next day. These items should then be set aside and packed into an ‘essentials’ box, so you can easily access them without having to rummage through tens of packages first.

This box should include phone chargers, toiletries, kettle, snacks, tea, coffee, mugs and breakfast food for the following morning. It is also wise to have some disposable plates and cutlery, phone chargers, toilet roll, a small tool box, light bulbs, some cleaning supplies, bed sheets, torches, pyjamas, towels and a change of clothes. Do not forget important information and any contact details you might need about the move itself, such as solicitors’ numbers.


  • Start with non-essential items

Those itching to start packing up should, therefore, begin with the things they use the least. Christmas decorations, garden equipment, things kept in the loft are best to start with, as you will not miss them being out of action for a few weeks.

Of course, if you find things you can get rid of, this will help reduce the number of boxes you need to transport and will help keep the clutter down in your new residence.


4) Label boxes

When you do start packing, name and number the box so you can easily see what is in it and where it should go. Most people pack by room, but it is important to think about whether those items will remain in the same place in your new property. Pack according to where they will be put in the new home, so it is much easier when it comes to unpacking.

Write the box number on a sheet of paper, along with its contents and where it should be put, so that you can easily check whether it has arrived at the new property. It will also help you determine which box you need to open when you are looking for a certain item, such as a tea towel or saucepan.


  • Pick the right box

It is not just a case of putting anything in any box, as some boxes are not strong enough to carry the weight of heavy items. For instance, choose sturdy smaller boxes for things like books, kitchen equipment or trophies, so removal professionals do not hurt their backs when shifting them and the boxes do not break when lifted.

Larger boxes can be filled with duvets, clothes and linen as they are not heavy to carry even when full. It is a good idea to put everything in boxes and to avoid bags. This makes it far easier to pick up and stack in the removal van, ensuring as many boxes can fit into the vehicle as possible.


  • Kid entertainment

Before you start packing all your children’s books and toys, do not forget to leave some out for them to play with while everyone is trying to unload the boxes from the truck.

It is a busy and chaotic time, which is why it is wise to have some toys to entertain and distract little ones while so much is going on.

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Considering Moving To New Zealand? https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2020/01/24/considering-moving-to-new-zealand/ https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2020/01/24/considering-moving-to-new-zealand/#respond Fri, 24 Jan 2020 15:47:35 +0000 https://atlasremoval.co.uk/?p=1013 The lush scenery and temperate climate have made New Zealand as attractive a choice to relocate as it’s neighbour Australia

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As more people consider relocating abroad, heading down under has always been a popular choice, and the lush scenery and temperate climate have made New Zealand as attractive a choice as it’s neighbour Australia. Whether or not it is an option, there are lots to know about this beautiful country.

Life in New Zealand is quite different to Australia. It’s known as Aotearoa by the Māori people, which means “The Land of the Long White Cloud”, which is quite apt, as there are plenty of long white clouds. The compliment its long white beaches, and tall snow capped mountains. But between Kiwi slang and New Zealand sheep, hobbit villages and sandflies, there’s much more than that.

If you’re seriously considering emigrating, then it’s essential to know the new rules coming in to effect later this year, for both visitors and potential immigrants. Don’t be caught out and face having to find thousands of pounds in expenses.

For a country with a landmass 20,000 sq km larger than the UK, it has far fewer people. Compared to the UK’s 66.5 million inhabitants, New Zealand is relatively empty, with a mere 4.8 million people, and over 85 per cent of those live purely in urban centres, which leaves the beautiful countryside largely untouched. A real chance to get away from it all!

While the population remains small, the amount of sheep is incredible. There are nearly 30 million of the woolly creatures filling the landscape, dotted on every green hill and field around the country. It’s said that for every Kiwi, there are six sheep.

To the unaccustomed ear, New Zealanders are often confused with their Aussie mates, and it’s best never ever confuse them in person, if you’d rather not cause offence. The Kiwi accent has some very telling differences. All within one sentence they can sound Australian, followed by a South African twang, and then the next it’s American.

While it’s a great relief not having to learn a completely new language, it would be advised to get a grip on the local slang. If you hear someone mention ‘glad wrap’, they mean cling film, which makes it sound much more fun that it is. On a hot day you’ll be wanting to keep your drinks cold in a ‘chilli bin’, or a cool box, and should anyone ever say ‘yeah – nah’, they’re not being indecisive, they mean ‘No, thank you’.

Despite being close neighbours, the weather in New Zealand is vastly different to Australia. New Zealand doesn’t experience the extreme temperatures that Australia is known for, and the NZ climate can be much closer to that of the UK, with a similar sort of ‘four seasons in one day’ varieties of weather Brits are very used to!

The seas surrounding the two islands of New Zealand are some of the wildest in the world, and can stir up some fairly wild weather. It’s common for a sunny warm morning to have turned to a cold, rainy storm by lunchtime, with thanks to the Pacific Ocean’s weather patterns.

Although when the sun is out, keep in mind that with the damage to the ozone layer over the south pole, the layer of protective atmosphere over New Zealand is pretty thin, so never go out without protection from the harmful UV rays.

It is quite a sporty country. New Zealand won the first ever Rugby World Cup in 1987, and the country has more Olympic Gold Medals per capita than any other country in the world. The most popular participation sport is golf, and there are more golf courses per capita than anywhere else too!

If you’re tempted by watersports, then the furthest you can ever be from New Zealand’s beautiful coastline is 120 km. It’s popular with surfers, and Aukland has the largest number of boats per capita than any other city in the world.

If you’re looking to explore the beautiful landscape on a road trip, then Kiwi’s drive on the left, the same as the UK. New Zealand’s car ownership rate is one of the largest in the world, with over 2.5 million cars for the 4.8 million population.

Whether you’re looking for a man with a van in Luton, or home removals in the UK or abroad, then get in touch with us today.

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Which Country Should You Move To? https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2019/12/16/which-country-should-you-move-to/ https://atlasremoval.co.uk/2019/12/16/which-country-should-you-move-to/#respond Mon, 16 Dec 2019 13:53:59 +0000 https://atlasremoval.co.uk/?p=998 It isn't easy when choosing where to relocate to, so to help you narrow down your choice of destination, we thought we’d look into some places for you...

The post Which Country Should You Move To? appeared first on Atlas Removal.

Is there anything more exciting than deciding to up sticks and move overseas? Once you’ve made the ultimate decision, you can start really putting your plans together, doing your research into the different countries you’re interested in and finding out what sort of requirements are in place in order to facilitate the big move.

It might not be quite as simple to choose where to relocate to, however, so to help you narrow down your choice of destination, we thought we’d look into some places for you – all of which would be great to move to from the UK. Which of these two would you choose?



Spain will always be a really popular choice for Brits looking to move abroad because it’s not that far away and the weather there is an awful lot better than the weather we get here.

But it’s also the way of life that people find incredibly attractive about Spain and it’s a lot more relaxed than you may well be used to. After all, they shut up shop for siestas in the middle of the day so if it’s a better work-life balance you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Spain.

The villas are also competitively priced so you could well find your dream home here and the costs of living are lower than in the UK. And don’t forget about all that amazing food! They say that a Mediterranean diet is one of the very best you can follow for your health so if you do want to make this a focus in the new year, a move to Spain could be just what the doctor ordered.

The coastline will always be a popular place to move to, drawing the crowds in with the promise of stunning beaches, beautiful coastal walks and lots of sun and salty air. If this sounds like it’s right up your street, research Alicante on the Costa Blanca to see what properties you can find.

But if it’s city living and nothing else that really excites you, Valencia could be a great choice. It’s the third largest city in Spain and you’re likely to find good value properties here.



Singapore is a popular destination for expatriates and it’s one of the wealthiest city states in the entire world, so you can imagine the kind of lifestyle you’ll be able to enjoy if you decide that this is the right place for you and your family to relocate to in the future.

Those of you keen to do as much travelling as possible while still having a base somewhere spectacular will also be happy to hear that flights to and around south-east Asia from Singapore are very affordable so you’ll be able to jet off at a moment’s notice without much trouble at all.

It’s very easy to meet people and make new friends in the Lion City so you’ll find you establish a social circle very quickly indeed, especially if you use the internet and social networks to help you find others with shared interests.

There’s something to suit all tastes in Singapore, from the biggest indoor skydiving wind tunnel in the world and a nocturnal zoo to a wealth of arts and culture. Make sure you head straight to the National Gallery, which is home to more than 8,000 pieces of art.

While you may not find a house with a garden or backyard in Singapore, the sheer number of green spaces and stunning urban landscape will really make up for it. There’s Gardens by the Bay, Fort Canning Park, SIngapore Botanic Gardens… you’ll have a wonderful time exploring what the city has to offer.

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you devote enough time to really researching your destination so you know it’s right and so you don’t find yourself regretting it once you’re on the other side of the world.

To help make it much easier and a lot less stressful for you and your family, Luton home removals company Atlas has plenty of experience with international moves and can guide you through the process from start to finish. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.

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